Feminine. Fierce. Demure. Daring!

Don't Mess with the Princess: How Women Can Make it in a Man's WorldLisa Jimenez has done it again! Following the tremendous success of, "Conquer Fear!" her new book is written just for entrepreneurial women!

It's called, Don't Mess With the Princess! And it's your guide to balance being a powerful woman – with also being a winner. It's about staying in touch with your innate femininity, but succeeding in a business world made largely for men.

Don't Mess With the Princess! reveals the truth about femininity and being a woman in business and in life. It will inspire you to discover your ideal career, attract your dream mate, and manifest your dreams to live a life you love. If you want to be more confident, live more fulfilled, and create lasting impact for the planet – devour every word and share it with your friends!

This powerful and thought-provoking book will help you reclaim your power and stop settling for less that you are. It's about breaking through harmful beliefs, shifting your mind-set, and creating the clarity you need to prosper in your professional and personal life.

Lisa's message will slap you in the face while it heals your heart. It will rock your world while it restores your power. It will shake your beliefs while it empowers your dreams!

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